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October 18 2013


VPS Hosting

Before I start telling you about the various advantages of VPS hosting for those who run e-commerce websites, I am going to try and explain what exactly VPS hosting is. It would be rather difficult to benefit from VPS hosting unless you fully understand what it is first. VPS stands for Virtual Private Sector. Basically, this is a server which will be dedicated to taking care of all your website's needs. It's a server which is great for people who don't want to run their e-commerce websites through shared hosting servers.

With VPS hosting you never have to worry about your e-commerce website crashing or causing delays because the server is too overloaded like in shared hosting. Some website owners may say that you don't require dedicated hosting when you starting a new website, but the fact of the matter is that you would rather have the space and not need it than need the space and not have it. What happens if your website does pick up & you need more space to add more products to your store? Would you really be willing to forego the additional income just because you didn't get dedicated hosting in the beginning?

When you get VPS hosting for your website in the beginning itself, you can get some pretty great advantages over your competitors. Remember, if you have an idea to sell something online, there will probably be someone else who has the same idea as well. But if you have an e-commerce website that doesn't suffer from problems like downtime and crashes, you will definitely have a competitive edge over your competition which will help increase your traffic volume.

If you still don't think you need VPS hosting for your website, here are a few of its advantages that will surely convince you to get it:

1. The biggest advantage you get with VPS hosting is unlimited storage space to do whatever you want. Just think of your e-commerce site as a warehouse which lets you store as many products as you want, increase your inventory whenever you feel like and display everything you have in stock at the same time without worrying about storage space. Who wouldn't want that?

2. Another advantage of VPS hosting is that you get the freedom to do whatever you please with your server. If you get the feeling that the server is a little slow, just reboot it. You can do anything you want.

3. VPS hosting lets you modify the appearance of your site, the information it displays, how it functions, etc. You can even integrate blogs into your website if you want to. You can upload and store infinite images as well. Maybe you want to install flash on your e-commerce site. Not a problem with VPS hosting.

4. Lastly, with VPS hosting you get the freedom to truly control your website. Whether you want to change the price of the products you are selling, manage your inventory or create a new landing page, VPS hosting is the perfect solution for you.

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